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The Wine Cellar dominates the valley, but its size does not disturb it, as it is nicely carved into the thickness of the landscape. Three stone arches and a large portico are all that appear, and they protect the wine in the earth’s bosom.  Here, modern technology and ancient craftsmanship coexist.

acquarello della cantina

The country house is one hour away from Rome, in a 5000 square meter garden with English lawn, saltwater pool, olive trees, fruit trees and antique roses. It is located on the top of a hill in the Umbrian countryside, with panoramic view overlooking our vineyards.



We’re in southern Umbria, in the countryside between the medieval town of Narni, and the ancient Roman port city of Otricoli.  Here, the hills are gently rolling, and the ancient landscape speaks to the centuries of history that has shaped it.