I was born in 1992, and the Italian State defines me as a ‘young entrepreneur’.  All my training is linked to viticulture.  In 2014, I earned a degree in Enology from the University of Tuscia; followed it up with a Master’s degree in wine marketing, and I am a sommelier.  The best years of my life I spent in this countryside, and these years, as well as the landscape have left an indelible mark upon me, and have motivated my life and career path.



Enologically speaking, our area is not very well known, therefore, our goal to reveal our terroir’s full value, must be both strong and clear.  Nothing is missing here, we have the altitude of the the hills, air ventilation, the range of temperature, the abundance of sunlight, as well as our unusual fossilized soil .  We then apply technique, personality and passion, and all these combined elements give rise to great wine production.  In recent years, various wine cellars in the region have achieved impressive results, and have been acknowledged for their excellence – it underlines the relevance of this territory, which we are committed to making more universally known, and appreciated.

the terrain

This land was once submerged by the sea that has since retreated.  Digging just a few centimeters below the soil surface, it looks just like the photograph, littered with shells and marine fossils.  It resembles a beach, after a storm.  The minerality and richness of our wines perfectly reflect this signature soil profile.

the vineyards

Our vineyards surround the winery, and this positioning may seem rather obvious, but in reality, it is not, and remains of the utmost importance to us.  The grape is the great protagonist here: we work the entire year to bring it to perfection, and when it is ready, we can harvest it, and quickly transport it into the cellar to be worked.  This allows our product to retain its integrity, and thus, is not subject to undesired alterations or require any chemical correction.  Our first ‘wine master’ was Bina, she is the young woman featured in the early 1940’s photo,  The fields that she worked those many years ago, are these very fields that we continue to cultivate today, and we are proud that we have never betrayed her indominitable spirit, or her strong work ethic.


The four vineyards

Though adjoining each other, we have four distinct vineyards for you to discover:





Discover them

our philosophy

One plant, one bottle

In viticulture, the philosophy of ‘little and good’ is one we respect and follow, so our practice is to restrict the plant to produce less fruit.  We plant the vines very closely together, and prune them quite severely, both in the winter and summer season, training the vine to grow just enough fruit per vine, to produce one bottle, of great quality.

We indipendent winemakers

Who are the independent winemakers?  They are those who manage to transform a territory into wine; that is to say, those who oversee the entire chain of production, from the care of the vineyards, to the wine produced from their grapes, right on up to the bottling and marketing process.  Vignerons Independants (VI) started in France, but now, there are also many in Italy and throughout Europe, and even in Canada, as well.
The idea that drives independent winemakers is the belief that it is possible to pursue quality by directly controlling the various production phases, with the participation and honesty that one applies to something that they have lovingly created.  The VI logo, which is a stylized representation of a winemaker with a basket of grapes on his head, whose shadow creates a bottle, is featured on our label.  Seek out wines displaying this VI logo, for, far more than many other certifications, this logo truly indicates love, care and transparency in production.


We invite you to visit our winery, we are happy to have you visit our Enterprise to show you how we work but, above all, to give you the oppotunity to taste our wines.  If you a have special request or need; if you would like to organize a tasting that pairs with food, or you’d like to plan another type of more initimate private event, please contact us.  Four-legged friends are most welcome.