who we are

We are a family business run by two sisters – one a winemaker and the other a landscape architect – who combine expertise and passion and are always dangerously willing to throw their hearts over the obstacle. Let’s make “being small” our strength. The work is taken care of in every aspect by our daily presence and we place a profound ethics ahead of everything: towards the employees, the environment, society, and the animals that live with us.

We love to share all this with others and we do it both through social media and by welcoming visitors and customers firsthand, with great, sincere warmth.


I was born in 1992, and the Italian State defines me as a ‘young entrepreneur’. All my training is linked to viticulture. In 2014, I earned a degree in Enology from the University of Tuscia; followed it up with a Master’s degree in wine marketing, and I am a sommelier. The best years of my life I spent in this countryside, and these years, as well as the landscape have left an indelible mark upon me, and have motivated my life and career path.


My name is Livia and I am a landscape architect and designer. I’m bound to this land since I was a child and for many years I spent my weekends and vacations in the Casale and its garden. What led me to dedicate myself to this place have been a series of choices that came from the heart, and a project: the desire to create a “passions container”: handmade furniture or designed by me, plants and antique roses cared with dedication by my mother, design lamps, objects that come from the past, works of art, courses, meetings and experiences. I hope that Santo Iolo, little island in the frenzy of the world, can offer you an authentic place, where you can discover more sustainable rhythms, open the channel that binds us to nature and spend moments of simple happiness.