the first vineyard

Our first vineyard dates back to 2003.  It is now in its full productive maturity, and gives life to the cru with which we make Santoiolo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.  These classic vines are ideal, beyond the faddish trends, for an important wine, that is never obsolete.

the sea vineyard

To name a vineyard in Umbria “The Sea Vineyard” may seem like an outrageous oversight, but there is a reasoning.  5 million years ago, Pliocene was an area completely submerged by the sea, as evidenced by the abundance of seashells and marine fossils found in the deep tilling of the soil.  We dedicate the Vermentino vine to this vineyard, because it loves the sea, and it flourishes beautifully here, gifting us with a wine of incredible richness.

the red vineyard

This is the vineyard dedicated to Malbec and Alicante.  The latter, unique among the vines, is the true protagonist here, because its grapes have a distinct red pulp and intense purple leaf.  These are Mediterranean vines that have responded well to the recent warming of the climate, and it permits our Rossoiolo and Rosso Fossile wines to retain their freshness, colour and intensity, even in the most scorching hot years.

the future vineyard

We have recently acquired another 6 hectares of land, which are soon to be cultivated.  We have grand projects in mind, and our hope is to create a vineyard that compliments the landscape; we have ideas but, for the moment, they remain vague so, we will keep you updated.